Wait! what?… What does it mean to be a great parent and raise a child with love? 3 Important Lessons I learned

Wait! what?… What does it mean to be a great parent and raise a child with love? 3 Important Lessons I learned

My First Lessons:

8 years ago, when my first child was born, I asked myself questions like: wait! what?… What does it mean to be a great parent and raise a child with love? What is the essence of wise parenting? Who is a child? how to raise a child with a delicate balance of staying true to human values and keep growing creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial? where does it happen? When is the best time? Why do some parents succeed while others fail? I wonder… & discovered parenting as a quests laboratory that requires constant observation and testing; so as a studio where an artist has a clear pottery of values in mind and skillfully works to bring it into being. 

I found myself looking for every opportunity to learn more on the practical side of wise parenting to raise kind, loving, curious, caring, mature and wise individuals. It lead me to study deep the wisdom of the past, discover latest scientific findings, learn evidence based strategies, read hundreds of books, take dozens of classes – & even got certified by Microsoft Educator Community as an Innovative Educator, and talk with hundreds of families from different countries, cultures, nationalities, & religions. 

I realized despite our difference, we have more in common and couldn’t we at least agree that we, parents, share the same mission: to raise a human being as a whole engaging heart, mind, body, and soul. A creative and innovative individual with a good character. I also saw an enormous need for parents to better understand HOW to impart greatness: love, kindness, responsibility, gratitude, respect, strengths, wisdom and maturity. Parents are the most powerful & influential teachers in their kids’ lives. 

The 3 Key Lessons:

As a result of my study, I’ve learned many lessons worth sharing, but what truly matters is knowing that: 

1. Every child is like a unique pottery designed for a mission & purpose in life to make this world a better place for the common good. As clay needs just enough water in the beginning to make a shape, so as a child needs good timely parenting practices teaching values and life lessons with calmness, positive emotions, mercy, and practicality; teaching by illuminating & inspiring with love and not by threatening or shaming. 

2. To bring up a unique pottery requires mastery of a potter who has a vision of a final art with hope, faith, and love and skillfully working to bring it into being. So parents are not born with mastery but can learn the parenting ‘craft’ by understanding the foundational principles in parenting and skillfully practicing them daily. As wisdom says, “Good parents are not the ones who don’t fail but the ones who learn”. That’s how the learning parents community was born. 

3. Yes, understanding parenting principles is relatively easy. Teaching & upbringing our children’s potential and working on our own behavior is slow and difficult. Thus, the goal of the learning community is to invite parents to think, reflect, ask questions, gain more confidence, share wisdom, believe, “talk the talk” & “walk the walk”, and learn from our own observation and testing lab so as from each other. As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the whole world to raise a family.

Keep learning

When we help a family, we help a community. When we help the community, we help the world. Let’s build a community of learning parents together! Let’s keep learning, ask questions, find strengths, share knowledge, wisdom, & understanding! 

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