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“Anna’s lessons got my son into the love of learning and my son’s learning results exceeded my expectations” Mother of a Student


Anna makes every student feel special and my son really enjoyed her Russian classes. He became more interested in the Russian language and expanded his Russian vocabularly. 

LIza D.

mother of a student

Anna is a great teacher for kids! She has a natural gift. She is creative, gets everyone engaged in fun activities and is very patient.

Mother of a student

Mrs. Block creates opportunities for her own children to learn outside of the classroom by creating activities that encourage them to explore learning independently.  Mrs. Block does a remarkable job of providing best strategies and opportunities for learning and teaching.

Jennifer McClain


Anna’s classes are very interactive and fun for kids! It helped my son to praprare for our trip to Russian when he spoke Russian to our family.

Mother of a student

Learning for kids

Foreign Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English

The Languages Lab creates an enriched and positive environment for kids to learn languages through comprehensive input, including story listening and reading and eventually -telling and writing. We apply the best pedagogical practices by bilingual linguist, educator and polyglot, professor Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Young learners will have an opportunity to hear many stories from our library with over 1000 books and 100 books in Russian, act them out, and connect with the language on a deeper level.

Create Lab: Drawing, Photo, and Video

The aim of this course is to inspire children to think creatively, in abstract and perspective, play with the fundamental rules in arts and embrace technology as a tool in their learning. This Lab applies Apple’s Everyone Can Create Curriculum for Early Learners and incorporates Google Arts, Design Principles of Art, and the Oops Art method developed by author and illustrator, Barney Saltzberg. We focus on child’s selected projects, mini stories children want to tell through art and technology, and reflection of the world around us in a playful way.

Necessary tools: Ipad or Iphone and Apple Pen 

Photo credit: Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking is such an amazing way to learn about science. Many of us cook everyday and kids love to be in the Kitchen. But when we start to think why recipes work, why is that when you knead bread it has that remarkle texture, why is that the candy recipes work as they do, how is that you cook eggs that come out perfect – you immediately are led to thinking about the basic principles in science. And, why not to let the children explore food, cooking, nutrition, and science?!

Lab quests: why nutirition matters and how to read nutrition facts, flavor and heat, gelation and spherification, emulsions and foams, and many more.

Inspiration for this class came from my certificates on the Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (Harvard EdX) course; Food, Nutrition, and Health series (Wageningen University and Research) and The Body Matters course (McGillX)

garden mind

Magic Tricks for Kids

What’s a natural way of teaching kids to think in perspective? in abstract? critically? creatively? recognize illusion? Does what we see exist and what we don’t see – doesn’t? May it be that the things we see – are not really what they are, and what we don’t see – might be the most powerful in our lives?

Let’s approach it with LOL – simple magic tricks kids can learn and entertain the whole family and friends! Conjuring, or the practice of magic tricks, is one of the oldest performing arts and goes to 4000 years ago. And, the word “majic” is comes from Persians “Magi” and means “the mighty ones.”

The real secrets of magic are psychological, not mechanical. The audience is fooled because it is looking for solutions in the wrong place. This is called misdirection.

Inspiration came after taking Penn and Tell’s Master Class on The Art of Magic and Usher: The Art of Perfomance.

KidPreneur Craft

The KidPreneur Craft course designed for kids ages 8-12 to experiment with leadership skills, discover the spirit of entrepreneurship and the foundational framework of entreprneneurship: self-discipline, smart work, team work, leadership, ability to think strategically, learn fast, listen carefully, and ask great quesitons, and, of course, recognize the momentum!

Inspired by experience, observations, and the series of courses taken on Innovaiton and Entrepreneurship, including the best one: Discipline Entrepreneurship taught by Bill Aulet, MIT

Learning for adults

What is learning and what is teaching?

How do we all learn? How do kids learn? How do we teach others to understand? How do we apply that knowledge in real life situtations?  What are the best pedagogical practices on learning and teaching from the perspective of neuroscience, psychology, and pedagogy?!

Inspiration: personal experience, knowledge, observations, studies and the number of cerfitied courses taken on learning and education.

Photo credit: Julia M Cameron from Pexels



Craft Your Venture – everything you need to know to start and succeed!

What is entrepreneurship? What are the myths of entrepreneurship most people believe in? What are the most important components of any successful venture? Is it a name? a Website? Online marketing strategy? Number of followers? Great ideas/ products/ services? 

Craft Your Venture course is based on Bill Aulet’s framework for Disciplined Entrepreneurship (professor and entrepreneur, MIT Sloan School of Management), marketing professor and leader expert in the field – Mark Ritson‘s insights, and marketing professor and consultant, Carol Ann Clem (Harvard)


Lean In Circle: Economics of Well-being for Entrepreneurial Mothers Working from Home

Lean In Circle for entrepreneurial work-from-home mothers who seek wisdom holistically. The goal of this Circle is to help us keep the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

Lean In Wise MomPreneurs Worldwide!

Monthly Zoom Circles from 1h to 1.5h

Starting January 2021

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels



About the courses

Length: 2 Weeks

Effort: 30 minutes a lesson

Level: Introductory

Language: English (available in Russian)

Video Transcript: English

Course Type: Pre-recorded self-paced and Instructor-led on a course schedule

Price: All mini courses are FREE

Who are the courses for?

  • Children from 9 to 13 years old
  • Adults Interested in the Course for Personal or Professional Growth
  • Organizations who work with children or adult learning. 

Why this course?

All the courses were designed to bring comprehansive input, be engaging, fun, and practical.


Why now?

If not now, then when? It takes 20-30 minutes a day.


Why Anna?

Anna is an innovative educator who constantly learns and practices everything she teaches. Anna knows the subject on a deeper level and applies best pedagogical approaches to teach it to others.

What pedagogy/ approach to teaching do I practice?

  • Clear Ideas and Simplicity on the other side of Complexity
  • Fun and Student selected projects that interests the learner
  • Practical and relevant application of the foundational knowledge
  • Deep learning approach – involves more than reciting facts and practicing skills (“surface learning”). It refers to the higher order skills needed to engage with complex ideas and problems: analysis, critical thinking, reflections, metacognition, and the capacity to make connections and transfer knowledge and skills to new contexts
  • Learning through compelling stories and comprehansive input
  • Awareness of neuroscience and learning – the brain and the mind, psychology, and pedagogy when teaching and learning.


Educators on the subject matters, I learned a lot from and whose work I admire:

Stephen D. Krashen

Dave Weitz, Pia Sorensen, Michael Brenner

Judy Willis

Richard F. Elmore

Rachel Glennerster, Marc Shotland, and Esther Duflo

Theodore H. Moran

Dilip Soman

Sander Kersten

John Hattie

Bill Aulet

Otto Scharmer

Terry Fisher

Charles Fried

Graham Tillett Allison Jr.

Carol Ann Clem

Tal-Ben Shahar

George W Russell Jr.

Laura Salah Nasrallah

Ian Shrier

Gail E. Joseph

Adam Grant

John P. Kellogg

 and many others 

garden mind


How will I access the course? 

How much is the course and how do I book?

How will I watch the video lectures?

How will I access the reading materials?

How long will I be able to acces the videos and course content for?

What time and how often will be the interactive Q&A with Anna Block?

Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

What will my child or I get at the end of the course if I complete all the materials?

Could the course be relevant for children under or older than required age?

Don’t see your question?  please, send it by filling in the Contact form

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