My journey to create an educational nonprofit 501c3 for families, FamQStudioLab

April Dunford’s 10-step positioning method to solve a problem.

My personal quest to understand what exactly makes individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and countries with high values to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial led me to deep learning through site visits, interviews, observations, primary and secondary market research.

In the Beginning

Supporting families: parents and children became the closest of all to my heart and in my mind. About 10 years ago I started independent research studying creative and innovative people across different industries like art, science, music, literature, economics, and entrepreneurship. 

Primary Market Research

My personal quest to understand what  exactly makes individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and  countries with high values to be creative, innovative, and  entrepreneurial led me to deep learning through site visits, interviews,  observations, primary and secondary market research.

As I was also curious to understand how the environment of highly creative and innovative individuals looks like. I did site  visits to MIT Media Lab, Harvard Innovation Lab, The  ClubHouse Network Boston Science Museum, Harvard ArtScience LaboratoryThe Art Science Prize (Cambridge, Boston, MA), 92 Street Y (New York),  Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Learning department, Dallas Makerspace (Dallas), The Maker Spot, and many others. 


As a result, I realized it was not so much the external environment (my first assumption) they were surrounded by but it was more so the family they grew up with together. External environment is important but so is the internal (home) environment that matters the most. I realized how important the teachings (walk the walk and talk the talk) of their parents (mother or father or both and in some cases primary care providers, aunts or uncles, or someone who cared about the child…). 

I took a new direction in studying successful families. It led me to study deep the wisdom of the past, discover latest scientific findings, learn evidence based science, read over 350 books, take over 35 master level cross-disciplinary courses, get certificates as an Innovative Educator. Moreover, I did the primary market research and interviewed hundreds of families from different countries, cultures, nationalities, & religions and backgrounds. 

Families and My Family

Simultaneously,  my own children were born and I wondered more…  I discovered parenting as a quests laboratory that requires constant observation and testing; so as a studio where an artist has a clear pottery of values in mind and skillfully working to bring them into being.

I realized despite our difference, we, parents, have more in common and share the same mission: to raise a human being as a whole engaging heart, mind, body, and soul.

The Quest

I also saw an enormous need for parents to better understand HOW to impart greatness: love, kindness, responsibility, gratitude, respect, strengths, wisdom and maturity. Parents ARE the most powerful & influential teachers in their kids’ lives. They are the strongest influencers in their children’s lives to become creative, innovative and entrepreneurial with strong human values.


About a year ago, after my 3rd child was born, I found myself thinking and writing the blueprint for a social venture to be, Family Quest StudioLab – family educational nonprofit start-up – with the mission in mind to help families with young children in creating memorable moments together. As a result, Family Quest StudioLab, a nonprofit educational start-up was created and in the process of establishing a community of learning parents. 

We publish infographics on kids friendly recipes, words of wisdom, short stories, wellness and more and we’ll continue to share favorite pieces in visual form that we think you’d love.   

Join our starting community Family Quest StudioLab & share your favorite parenting wisdom! We love hearing from you! 

Take a look – FamQStudioLab!


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