My name is Anna A Block

I’m an educator, economist, entrepreneur, creator, and parent. I have 3 daughters ages 4, 7, and 8. My language expertise is in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and I’m learning Hebrew together with my children.

My childhood memories go back to as early as a few months old. I grew up in a loving family in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. My father taught me the value of time and showed me the joy of learning; my grandmother, who was a surgeon by day and a storyteller by night – left a legacy of self-discipline, hard-work and love for timeless Biblical stories; my mom, a food scientist by day and loving mother by night – taught me the power of words, thoughts and love for people; my siblings taught me the power of action. While in school, I started a solo enterprise with a focus on customer service in my 9th grade and can’t stop since then:) 

My experience and education are global. I hold a MS in Economics and Finance from Kyiv University in Ukraine and a MLA in Management from Harvard; and, I’m certified as an Innovative Educator and hold cross-disciplinary certificates across different fields. I’m in a network with MIT Teaching Systems Lab and Apple Teachers Learning Community; a member of The International Association for Feminist Economics IAFEStock photography contributor and Wikipedia editor. Harvard College field interviewer (more details on LinkedIn).

As a teacher, I enjoy working with children and adults. I’m really passionate about entrepreneurship and creativity, family economics and parenting, innovation and education. And these are the areas I’ve been studying for the last 10 years. Take a look around here and hopefully you’ll find something for yourself or your children. Let’s connect!

Anna A Block geometric

Lean In Circle is for mothers- entrepreneurs who work from home; for parents who seek wisdom holistically. The goal of this Circle is to help us keep the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Lean In. Wise. MomPreneurs!

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Join our Facebook private group here! Our Circle will start in January 2021!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

My Believes


Learning Creating Teaching

Family Quest StudioLab

Family Quest Studio Lab is a 501c3 nonprofit  educational start-up founded by a small bunch of hopeful, curious, and passionate humans of different backgrounds and origins joined together for one mission – to empower families around the globe to share quality time together through stories, learning, and play that matters.

Supporting families: parents & children became the closest of all to my heart and is in my mind. 10 years ago I started an independent research studying creative and innovative people across different industries: art, science, music, literature, and entrepreneurship.  READ MORE

Credits: Helena Frank, a Swedish illustrator


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